Belated Best of ’10: Yeasayer

I never got around to sharing my Best Songs You (Maybe) Didn’t Hear list for 2010 with the internets in general in December, so I’ve decided to mine it for fresh post material in February and March. I’m posting the songs in the order in which they would have appeared in the final playlist, so if you play along at home, you’ll have heard a tidy 80-ish minutes of great music when all is said and done. Today, meet Yeasayer.

I’d never heard them or even heard of them before last year’s excellent Odd Blood, but Yeasayer‘s eclectic mix of synth-rock, world music, sharp pop melodies, and psychedelia is captivating. Odd Blood is loaded with great songs, but “Ambling Alp”‘s jittery rhythms and upbeat vibe made it my instant favorite. Dig the weird fever dream of a video:

Like what you heard? Grab Odd Blood at Amazon MP3.


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