Making music about making music with Noah And The Whale

It’s like some kind of songwriting Inception: we have to go deeper

Noah and the Whale, Last Night on EarthOne of the albums that’s made its way into my regular rotation is, much to my surprise and delight, Noah And The Whale‘s Last Night On Earth. It’s an affecting, uplifting album of indie pop songs (with just a dash of 80’s synths) that nicely refines the sound of their excellent, Eels-esque debut Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down.

So if I liked their debut that much, why is Earth a surprise? Because their last release, 2009’s The First Days of Spring, was an absolute bore: recorded in the aftermath of frontman Charlie Fink’s failed relationship with Laura Marling, it sounded like 11 versions of the same, depressed, unconvincingly weary song, completely devoid of memorable melodies and sonic color. I was worried that Peaceful was the exception to Spring‘s rule, but Earth thankfully proved me wrong.

There are a lot of great songs on Last Night On Earth, from the sweet, soaring, string-accented “Just Before We Met” to the Tom Petty-ish “Waiting For My Chance to Come” (tell me you don’t hear echoes of “Learning to Fly” once the rhythm guitar starts), but one that’s been giving me a case of earworm lately is “Give It All Back,” a fun reminiscence about starting a band. They recently played it live (minus the xylophone, sadly) at RAK Studios in London, and have made an MP3 of the recording free for download. Watch the video and download the MP3 below:

Download: Noah And The Whale, “Give It All Back” (Live from RAK Studios) (MP3)

Like what you hear? Head to Amazon MP3 and download Last Night On Earth.


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