Best of ’11: The Head And The Heart

The Head and the HeartThe Best Songs You (Maybe) Didn’t Hear 2011
Track 13: The Head And The Heart, “Down In The Valley”

I said it before, back in April, so I’ll say it again:

Record Store Day ’11 was a success for me: I snagged nearly everything on my shopping list, I was able to also score vinyl for a friend whose local store dropped the ball & couldn’t participate properly, and I didn’t take any elbows to the face. Full details/reviews of my RSD’11 haul are forthcoming, but I wanted to share a bit about my 2nd favorite purchase right away: the self-titled Sub Pop debut from Seattleites The Head and the Heart.

I heard an early copy of their self-released album back in January, and it’s been in heavy rotation ever since: their brand of piano-heavy indie folk is a treat, and they have a knack for memorable melodies and songs. Why did I upgrade? All of the songs on their debut were remastered and/or re-recorded for the new release, and the work is evident: it sounds better than ever. It’s a great album, and you’ll definitely be hearing more about it around these parts. Check out “Down In The Valley,” which quickly became my favorite tune:

Like what you hear? Head to their website and trade your email address for free downloads of “Lost In My Mind” and “Down In The Valley,” then head to Amazon MP3 to download the rest of The Head and the Heart.

For the record, they’re also fantastic live:


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