Best of ’11: “Weird Al” Yankovic

Weird Al YankovicThe Best Songs You (Maybe) Didn’t Hear 2011
Track 16: “Weird Al” Yankovic, “Party in the CIA”

I guess Miley Cyrus is good for something other than awkward public admissions of drug use. Tappin’ the phones like yeah!


Best of ’11: Wilco

WilcoThe Best Songs You (Maybe) Didn’t Hear 2011
Track 15: Wilco, “One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend)”

There’s a lot to love about Wilco’s 8th proper studio album, The Whole Love: the electric squall of “Art Of Almost”; the fuzzy stomp of “I Might”; and the conscious sonic shout-outs to the sounds of their classic albums Being There and Summerteeth, like “Dawned On Me” and “Born Alone”; but the song I love most is the tender, 12-minute, album-closing “One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend).” The song’s country-flavored stroll is the perfect stage for Tweedy’s deliciously ambiguous lyrics about a father/son relationship, and the interplay between Tweedy’s and Nels Cline’s guitars is exquisite.

And it *is*, in fact, written for author Jane Smiley’s boyfriend. Details here.