Belated Best of ’10: Massive Attack

I never got around to sharing my Best Songs You (Maybe) Didn’t Hear list for 2010 with the internets in general in December, so I’ve decided to mine it for fresh post material in February and March. I’m posting the songs in the order in which they would have appeared in the final playlist, so if you play along at home, you’ll have heard a tidy 80-ish minutes of great music when all is said and done. Today we hear from old favorites Massive Attack.

Massive Attack will probably never quite reach Mezzanine heights again, but last year’s Heligoland proved that they can still craft some of the best downtempo electronic grooves. My favorite track, the haunting “Paradise Circus,” marries a ghostly melody; subtle hand-clapped rhythms; a low, rolling bassline; and the soothing, gorgeous vocals of Hope Sandoval to amazing effect. Listen to the song below:

And if you’re over 18, you can see the exquisitely NSFW video at Massive Attack’s website. Grab Heligoland at Amazon MP3 and get a handful of remixes.