Vintage Keef

Keith Richards, Vintage Vinos

Keith Richards -- Vintage Vinos

It’s a shame that Keith Richards’ solo material is mostly out of print: of all the Stones, his solo stuff was the most consistently interesting and winning. Ronnie is a great performer, but not much of a songwriter; Charlie’s jazz recordings are intriguing but not anything that will stand the test of time; and Mick’s solo career sadly has fewer peaks (Wandering Spirit) than valleys (everything else, really). To be fair, Amazon seems to have most of Keith’s catalogue in stock, but I haven’t seen anything at retail in ages.

That’s why I was thrilled to see the release of Richards’ Vintage Vinos, which is a nice overview of his three solo albums. Keith did most of his writing with Steve Jordan, and the songs are very different from the material the Stones were putting out at the time (late 80’s/early 90’s): they’re dark, rhythmic, and often spare but punctuated with just enough of Keith’s minimalist riffing. Try my favorite Keef solo tune on for size, “You Don’t Move Me,” from Talk is Cheap:

For a good time, try to decipher what Keith is saying about “You Don’t Move Me” in this clip recorded for his website a few years ago:

Vintage Vinos is on sale at Amazon MP3 right now — at $5.99, it’s certainly worth a look.