Belated Best of ’10: Mark Ronson

I never got around to sharing my Best Songs You (Maybe) Didn’t Hear list for 2010 with the internets in general in December, so I’ve decided to mine it for fresh post material in ’11. I’m posting the songs in the order in which they would have appeared in the final playlist, so if you play along at home, you’ll have heard a tidy 80-ish minutes of great music when all is said and done. Today’s contribution is from super-collaborative producer Mark Ronson.

Mark Ronson, Record CollectionMark Ronson deservedly rose to prominence thanks to his production work on Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black, which deftly married retro soul stylings to hip-hop beats. He followed that up with Version, a sharp collection of covers featuring vocal contributions by Winehouse, Lily Allen, Robbie Williams, ODB, and Kasabian. On last year’s follow-up, Record Collection, Ronson abandoned the hip-hop/soul sound for a more modern 80’s dance-pop influence to middling success. His collaborators are still top-notch (D’Angelo, Q-Tip, Rose Elinor Dougall, Boy George), but the songs just aren’t as interesting. That said, when it comes together, it’s fantastic, like on the title track “Record Collection,” which features a great vocal from Duran Duran’s Simon LeBon:

Like what you hear? Download Record Collection from Amazon MP3. Want something even better? Grab Version, too.