Perhaps they’d have more success as “Star Star”

(What does the post title mean? Find out @ Wikipedia.)

The best new album I’ve heard so far in 2011 isn’t even out yet: Portland, Oregon’s Starfucker (or STRFKR, if you hate vowels) is set to release their sophomore album Reptilians on March 8. While MGMT have decided to focus solely on shitty psychedelic rock wanking, Starfucker have claimed their indie dance/rock crown: hook-laden synths swirl over stomping beats creating a batch of songs that are eminently re-listenable. Get hooked by streaming or downloading (for free!) “Bury Us Alive” below:

Pre-order Reptilians at iTunes, and you’ll get a pair of good bonus tracks (“Slow Dance” is especially great). If you can’t wait a week and a half, head to their label Polyvinyl’s site: pre-orders there get an immediate MP3 download of the album.